What size bin will I need?

Please refer to our ‘ordering process guide’ on this website.

How soon can I have a skip bin delivered?

This is dependant on the day and time that a bin is ordered, but you will usually receive your bin on the same day.

How long can I hire the skip bin for?

The hire period is for 7 days.

Can I have the skip bin removed earlier?

Yes, simply call us to arrange a pick up at a time that is convenient for you.

What CANNOT be loaded into the skip bin?

Asbestos, chemicals, explosive articles, food waste, fuel tanks, gas bottles, liquid waste, paint, petrol, oil, radioactive materials, soil or tree stumps over 300mm diameter.

Can I move the skip bin after it has been delivered?

Definitely not, it must stay in its stated location.

Is there a weight limit of what I can place in the skip bin?

No. However, the larger bings should not contain soil/bricks/masonry as the trucks will struggle to lift bins containing over 5 tonne of waste.

How much rubbish can I put in the skip bin?

The bin can only be filled level with the top rim for safety and insurance reasons. This will also avoid spillage during transit.

What happens if the skip bin is overloaded?

The driver will not remove the skip bin until the hirer has removed the excess material.

What if the driver cannot unload the skip bin?

We will advise you that the skip bin could not be unloaded – then make arrangements to transfer the rubbish into one of our skip bins which will be an additional charge to the hirer.

When do I need council approval for a skip bin?

You will need approval from your local council if the skip bin will be placed on public land such as nature strips, reserves or driveways. If in doubt you should contact your local council – we can organise your permit if required.

What if I have asbestos materials?

You must not place asbestos based products in the skip bin. If we find asbestos in the bin the hirer will be charged an additional cost for the safe and legal disposal of the hazardous materials. If you are unsure whether an article contains asbestos you should seek advice from the Asbestos Hotline on 02 8260 5762

Who is responsible for the skip bin?

The hirer is completely responsible for the skip bin during the time that it is located on their site. By accepting delivery of the skip bin, the hirer is deemed to be in acceptance of our terms and conditions which can be viewed on this website.

What if I order a bin and then decide to cancel it?

A cancellation fee of $110 is payable to the hirer if the bin is cancelled on day of delivery.

What if the bin has been delivered and I decide I need the bin relocated?

There is a relocation fee of $150 if the bin has to be relocated, as the truck driver’s time has to be covered.

The truck/bin has damaged my property?

The bin placement is the responsibility of the hirer.