Terms & Conditions


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Our friendly staff will answer any questions that you might have about hiring skip bins for domestic or commercial use.

In the Terms and Conditions detailed below; the words supplier and client will have the following definitive meaning:

Supplier: refers to 1800 All Skips as being the skip bin hirer and service provider. Client: refers to the person or company named on the delivery docket hiring the skip bin. If the client comprises of more than one person; written expression will include each of them jointly and severally.

Terms & Conditions

  1. All skip bins hired by the supplier to the client will remain the property of the supplier. The client will have no right to claim of ownership over the title of the skip bin or have an interest in the skip bin outside of the hire contract.
  2. The supplier will not be responsible for any damage to pavements, roadways, grassed areas, trees or garden beds caused by the skip bin, the delivery truck or environmental damage caused by contamination from hazardous materials. It is the responsibility of the client to determine the suitability of the chosen area: it must be suitable for the location of the skip bin, have clear easy access for drop off and pick up, be clear of overhead power lines and cables and be able to bear the weight of the fully loaded skip bin and the truck transporting the skip bin.
  3. The client is solely responsible for the legality of the skip bin being placed at the agreed location as written in the sales contract. This includes but is not limited to: private property, government property, public places including reserves, driveways, laneways and roadways. The skip bin must not create a hazard for pedestrians or road users. It is the responsibility of the client to organise a council permit when the skip bin is to be placed on public land.
  4. The client may choose to terminate their agreement if they no longer require their waste products collected and disposed of. The client must give written notice to the supplier prior to the intended termination date; but only once the payment of any outstanding amounts owing to the supplier have been paid in full by the client.
  5. On the pre-arranged day of collection; the supplier’s truck will have direct un-obstructed access to the skip bin. If access is blocked and the driver is unable to load the skip bin onto his truck the client will receive notification. The driver will then make one more attempt to load the skip bin onto his truck. Any additional attempts will incur extra charges which will be payable by the client to the supplier.
  6. No form of compaction will be placed on the contents within the skip bin by the client. This includes heavy weights, hydraulic or mechanical equipment.
  7. The supplier is entitled to charge an additional 5% of the invoice total for accounts that are overdue by one month or more.
  8. All credit card payments will incur an extra 3% surcharge.
  9. The client will be liable for extra charges that will be paid to the supplier when a skip bin has been collected from the client’s site and emptied out at the supplier’s premises, and is found to be overweight or contain prohibited waste materials.
    These extra charges will compensate the supplier for the additional costs of disposing of the overweight or contaminated contents of the bin and for any clean-up work or de-contamination of their premises. Overweight loads will receive a weighbridge ticket verifying the weight.
  10. The skip bin that is hired to the client by the supplier is to be used strictly for the collection and disposal of rubbish which must not contain any form of prohibited waste materials.
  11. The client will be responsible for the safekeeping of the skip bin within the hire period. Any subsequent loss or damages beyond what can reasonably be considered as normal wear and tear will be paid for by the client to the supplier.The client will pay the supplier the current market value of the skip bin at the time of the incident occurring. The client will not be liable for any damages caused by the supplier’s employees or equipment.
  12. The client must not make any modifications or alterations to the skip bin.
  13. The client must not overload the skip bin by placing rubbish above to the top lip of the bin. This will ensure safe loading onto the truck and will also avoid any materials falling off the truck when in transit.
  14. The client must not use the skip bin to incinerate rubbish. Damage caused by fire will be paid for by the client to the supplier.
  15. It is the client’s responsibility to keep the skip bin free from any form of contamination from spillages of liquids or solids.
  16. The client must sign a declaration stating that the waste material collected by the supplier does not contain any items as separately detailed on the Prohibited Waste Products page of this website.A more detailed definition of hazardous materials or contamination can be found by reviewing applicable Federal and State Government regulations. Additional charges will be paid by the client to the supplier for the safe and legal disposal of items deemed by 1800 All Skips to be prohibited waste materials.
  17. By signing the hire contract the client hereby agrees to indemnify the supplier against all possible damages, claims and lawsuits relating to the hire of the skip bin. This includes but is not limited to claims for loss of income, personal injury, environmental damage or property damage.
  18. Terms of trading will be seven days from the date of invoice. In the event that payments are well outside the terms of trading (and no payment arrangements have been made) the supplier can at their discretion: provide written notice to the client and recover the skip bin from the client’s premises.In the event that the supplier has not been paid in full (and no payment arrangements have been made) after a reasonable amount of time: the client agrees that the supplier can dump a similar amount of rubbish to what was originally collected back to the client’s site address without notification.
  19. The supplier may at their discretion; notify the client of any additional charges relating to:
    • The disposal of hazardous, contaminated or prohibited materials
    • Overloaded skip bin
    • Damaged skip bin or loss of skip bin
    • Cleaning of contaminated waste
  20. In fairness to both parties (the client and the supplier) any changes that are made to the hire contract shall be agreed to in writing by both parties. These changes include but are not limited to:
    • Size of the skip bin
    • Type of skip bin
    • Number of skip bins
    • Frequency of skip bin collection
    • Site location of skip bin
    • Type of waste
    • Time and date of collection
  21. It is absolutely prohibited to place any type of asbestos materials into the skip bin – no exceptions. Clients wanting to get rid of other prohibited waste materials must notify the supplier of the exact details before hiring the skip bin; advising of the type and amount of materials concerned. The details must also be clearly written on the delivery docket which must bear the authorising signature of one of the supplier’s employees.